Foodie for a Day – Farmer’s Market!

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Better late than never, right?
It’s been a crazy day!  After a crazy busy (but still good) day at work, I hurried home and more moving work immediately ensued.  I had a few minutes before Heather joined me, so I started calling Time Warner, the Gas Co, and the electric company.  All that is done – phew! (And I get to ignore the two bills that showed up this week – yes!)  After that was done, Heather and I took over packing!  Heather started tackling my “odds and ends” then began taking over the kitchen, while I finished up my dresser and then joined her.  We packed until I was out of boxes and it was after 7 so we packed up my car with as much as could fit and moved things into the new apartment!
Then we stopped at the grocery store, jump started Blayne’s old car and made dinner.  Well, Heather made dinner.  And a delicious one at that.  And now that I think about it, I should have taken photos and used her yummy Honey Dijon Salmon w/ Asparagus for this post, but alas, I didn’t.  But it was very delicious!!
Anyway, I live in LA and one of the greatest things about SoCal are the year-round amazing Farmer’s Markets.  One of my favorite things about Wednesdays is that 1- I generally don’t have to work (though I did today) 2- Wednesday Wellness flow w/ Gigi Yogini at The Yoga Collective 3- Shopping the Santa Monica’s Farmer’s Market either before or after my yoga class.  The fresh fruits and veggies catch your attention because the colors are so bright and the aromas so enticing!  The colors are also outstanding and my iPhone 3GS camera does no justice, but I thought I’d just share some photos of the Farmer’s Market today.
the hustle and bustle and apparently my finger also made the shot…oops!


My orange guy…yes, I have an orange guy! (Though I saw some that looked better the other day for cheaper so I may switch orange guys…shh!)

Herbs and mini veggie plants.  I would like to hit this up and start a veggie/herb garden on my new patio!

yum yum! green bean heaven!

…now I just need to work on my “meal planning” so I can stop wandering aimlessly around the Farmer’s Market passing up a lot of the delicious produce only because I don’t know if I would eat it before it went bad.  I’m working on this one. 🙂