Foodie for a Day / FitMixer BootCamp style

I’ve mentioned that as part of the FitMixer bootcamp, I’ve been required / requested to track my food intake in order to monitor my calorie, protein, fat, and carb intake.  It’s definitely been a challenge but it’s also been pretty interesting and opened my eyes to what and how much I’m eating at different points throughout the day.  And for the most part, I’m eating everything I’ve always eaten and in the same amount with only slight changes.

I thought it would be interesting to show a day in the life of food while sticking to my FitMixer bootcamp guidelines.  Or at least pretty close to my guidelines.

Breakfast: I started my day with a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal with 1/2 chopped banana and 1 TBSP of peanut butter with flax.  And a cup of coffee with almond milk, of course.

Snack #1: a green smoothie made with 1/2 banana, spinach and vanilla milkshake protein powder + an iced coffee with almond milk.

Lunch: After seeing baked beans on another blog earlier in the day and knowing that I wanted to get more beans in my diet, I picked up some baked beans at the store.  I had this along side a salad with balsamic and finished off with a yummy homemade (microwavable) open-faced s’mores.

Snack #2: Nature Valley Honey ‘n Oats granola bar with tea.

Dinner: 2 Trader Joes sausage-less sausages and broccoli

Snack #3: Chocolate banana soft serve with peanut butter and chocolate chips

I think it’s clear my sweet tooth was on fire today but I was still able to stay fairly close to my allotted goals which I think is pretty good, especially since my initial calorie goal was 1800-1900 / day.

Not bad, right?

*I should note that I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my eats*

8 thoughts on “Foodie for a Day / FitMixer BootCamp style

  1. Lauren

    I haven’t done a what I ate today post since I started bootcamp- but it’s not TOO much different than what I had been. Just a lot less mindless snacking.
    I have 1300-1400 calories a day. That is SUPER hard for me. I have found myself being hungry all the time this week. Especially on days when I teach 2 hours of exercise class. I just have to push through it and suck it up and hope that I get the results!

  2. Dave

    Love all the color in the plates/bowls/cups. Especially that first coffee mug. Who doesn’t want to jump out of bed for that? Maybe I need new mugs 🙂

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