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When I signed up for the LiveFit program back at the beginning of the year, I decided not to follow the meal plan. What I needed was a workout to change things up and keep me motivated and I’ve always been pretty proud of my eating habits, at least most of the time.

So then I was debating signing up for FitMixer. Obviously you all know I ultimately decided decided to sign up but seeing as this bootcamp was going to cost me money, I knew I wanted to go all in – exercises and nutrition plan. In my week 1 recap, I touched on the calorie counting as being one of my toughest challenges so far. And while this is still challenging, it’s been eye opening and getting easier. I’m fully supportive of the whole food tracking aspect of the bootcamp.

While the cost of the bootcamp was initially scaring me away, I was able to justify it because they were sending us the full cost of the bootcamp in FitMixer products. So add that with the personalized nutrition plan, daily workouts and amazing support group and I realized I would MORE than get my money back. This was an investment worth making.

But this question stood: would I like the product?

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I had the opportunity to try the FitMixer Amino at Blend and knew from that first sip to the end of the workout that this was the real deal. It powered me through my workout and since has continued to power me through some pretty tough bootcamp workouts.

The verdict? LOVE IT!

They also sent me Chocolate FitMixer Slim and Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder. I am loving the Chocolate Slim as an afternoon snack with a piece of fruit! It tastes like chocolate milk – yummy!

Then there’s the Vanilla Milkshake protein powder. It’s delicious but boy is it vanilla-y. I’ve only mixed it with water or blended it into a smoothie and the vanilla definitely stands out – not necessarily in a bad way though. I’ve been mixing it with banana, spinach, or frozen berries. It’s been easy to blend up a smoothie in the morning, pour it into my Blender bottle and then just shake it back up for a mid-morning snack.

Delicious. All delicious.

Great products; awesome bootcamp; amazing people.

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  1. Lauren

    I just got my shipment yesterday, since I signed up so late. I’ve been drinking the amino from the swag bag but was SO excited to get the grape! I love them both! I haven’t had the powders yet, but will be baking with them for sure!
    It’s funny- I didn’t even TRY the amino at Blend. My husband has been using a different amino for years and I hated the tasted of it. I just assumed that this would be the same. I didn’t try it until I got home and immediately loved it!

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