Foodie for a Day – Happy Sundae!

For anyone who doesn’t know, yesterday was National Chocolate Sundae Day!  I went over to Blayne & Heather’s last night just to hang out and after Heather shared about how she learned that on the radio today, we decided we needed to celebrate.  We headed over to Coldstone for some ice cream.  I went with one of their Signature concoctions, made up of chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup (it was sundae day for heavens sake!), peanut butter and peanut butter cups.  Boy was it delicious!  And despite Blayne’s pushing for me to get something bigger than a “like it” (aka, small), it was more than enough.  I’m learning to limit my sugar intake because I know just how terrible my body can (and will feel) after eating it, especially if you also mix in the whole lactose-intolerant aspect.  

It was delicious and thankfully my body didn’t hate me too much this morning.
I also would like to put it out there that I’m looking for a delicious (and fairly nutritious) dairy-free mac and cheese recipe!  I’ve done some “vegan” mac and cheese googling but haven’t really found anything.  I made an attempt at one recipe tonight (though slightly altered) and it was down the garbage disposal about as fast as it came out of the oven.  I couldn’t handle more than a couple of bites before I got nauseous by how much I didn’t like it.  I’ve heard great things about using “nutritional” yeast to make a “cheese” sauce but it did NOT work for me this evening.  I’d maybe considering throwing in a couple teaspoons of the yeast in a different sauce, but it would have to mostly be made out of a dairy-free cheese.  Blech!
Now I’m being lame and heading to bed as soon as I hit publish.  Mental and physical exhaustion suddenly hit my body about 45 minutes ago and I had to turn down a Netflix movie sesh with Justine for a little extra shut eye tonight.
G’night folks! 

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  1. B

    Haha, that was my go-to at ColdStone before it was even one of their “specials,” except I do PB, a PB cup, and a piece of cookie dough instead of chocolate sauce. Yum!

    If only I had known yesterday… 🙂

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