Foodie for a Day – Pizza on the Table

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I have to make this quick.  Sleepiness (& a headache) are very quickly taking over my body.
Today was my “day off” but there was an admin team meeting requested and they were willing to have the meeting be when I got out of yoga at 1 and since it’s right down the Promenade, I agreed.  
So after a 4 mile run this morning, quick rinse off shower, breakfast and 90 minutes of sweaty yoga, I was off to a meeting.  (Plus a delicious fresh farmers market orange after yoga, of course!)  Meeting was painless, not too long and we took an extra couple of minutes to work out our June schedule, which is good to have out of the way.  Good changes are coming, I think!
Anyway, I owe you all a foodie post but I feel like I need to share that I’ve been a terrible foodie this week.  Despite my best efforts to plan dinners, I ultimately failed.  I found myself being too tired and lazy when I came home from work.  I’m sure the crazy schedule I worked last week has played a major role in my laziness factor.  I’m really having the hardest time bouncing back (and I think I increased my caffeine addiction / dependency too…awesome…).  I found myself eating a lot of cereal for dinner.  I would always do my best to “healthy” it up a bit with 1/2 sliced banana leftover from breakfast + a dollop of peanut butter.  Not to mention, my cereal options aren’t really unhealthy (Shredded Oats) and my milk choice is just a plain soy milk.  It was delicious and happened more times last week than I’d like to admit.
With that said, my goal for this week was to help stock up on some foods that will make my life easier and help support some sudden urges of laziness or tiredness.  I’ve stocked up on bread, pitas, hummus, tempeh, frozen veggies, soy based cheese, sauces and (yes, more!) cereal.
I also decided that despite how tired I’m feeling from today’s intense exercise, I was going to make dinner.  I have a few fun possible “foodie” posts for the coming weeks but today I was just not feeling up to the challenges.  But I do want to present to you a delicious dairy free, whole wheat pizza you can feel good about eating!
Thank you Trader Joe’s for supplying EVERY ingredient in tonight’s dinner.  

TJ’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough resting + frozen peppers thawing out
a snack while I wait…
Stretched and ready for toppings

TJ brand pizza sauce – cheap and yummy
the BEST soy cheese I’ve ever had! hands down! You may have to grate it but it melts AND browns.  Delish!
For some added nutritional benefits
ready to come out of the oven!
ready to be served

I’ve always wanted to try making mini personal sized pizzas (by dividing the dough in 4), forcing me to not over-eat which ends up happening every.single.time. despite my efforts to not do so.  And by the tummy ache I have right now, I can assure you this time was no exception… :-/