Foodie for a Day // Popchips!

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I’m generally not one for chips.  It’s not that I don’t like them but if I’m going to eat “junk food” I’d rather it be sweet over salty.  I’ve always been this way.  I seem to have inherited my grandmother’s sweet tooth.

But sometimes salty is just what I’m craving and just what hits the spot.  I’m one who believes that all things in moderation is key, sweets and salty snacks included.

Thankfully I’ve found the salty snack that hits the spot and doesn’t leave me with any guilt.  Thank you Popchips!

Popchips was one of the Blend Retreat sponsors and I was super stoked when I saw a few bags tossed in my swag bag.  I was even more excited when I noticed I got the new flavor: Sweet Potato

I first discovered and tried Popchips when I was interning at one of my industry jobs shortly after moving to LA.  I tried the Barbeque flavor and instantly fell in love.  I love them so much that they’re generally the only chip I ever buy.

I mean think about it: a chip that doesn’t leave you feeling like you ate a bag full of grease and salt but rather a popped and flavorful snack?  I’ll gladly take the latter.

I haven’t tried them all but I have tried the Barbeque, Sweet Potato and Sour Cream & Onion.  My favorite? I’m not sure I can decide.

Have you tried Popchips? What’s your favorite flavor?

3 thoughts on “Foodie for a Day // Popchips!

  1. Tiffani @ Miles In Murraly

    I loooove PopChips! I am a barbecue lover to the core, but I have seen a bunch of flavors that I want to try. I used to eat big bags of Cool Ranch Dorito’s like they were nothing. Now, I can’t even look at them. PopChips are healthier and taste better.

  2. chimes

    I ate FOUR bags on the way back from Blend. Yeah. I didn’t stop to get real food, so I snacked on swag the entire drive back.

    Barbecue is by far my fav flavor. With Sour cream and onion a close second. I almost puked when I tried the sweet potato. I love sweet potatoes too. I don’t know WHAT it was.

    I bought a bag for my drive to TX this week. The beef tried them and his exact words were, “holy shit, really?” (he’s been on weight watchers and when I bring “healthy alternatives” he is usually disappointed)

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