Foodie For a Day – Snacks

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Snacks are the kinds of things that bring people down.  You can spend your entire day eating well, but when you get a little hungry between meals what you grab for can make or break your day.
I’ve never been someone to choose salty foods very often, but sweets are my weakness.  I do enjoy chips on occasion but I generally feel like they weren’t worth the calories and I’d rather have something sweet.  Or after eating them, I just feel gross.  Why do we do things like that to ourselves?  Same goes for sweets though.  I may get a craving and it won’t go away until I finally give in to that bite of chocolate or cup of frozen yogurt, but it’s bound to make me and my body unhappy later.  
It’s taken a long time for me to realize the affect sugar can take on my body (aside from the obvious “unhealthy” statistics that are out there), but the mental and physical strain it can take on my body for days to come.  Every morning I wake up with an uneasy stomach that carries through the majority of the day, I can look back and remember the sugary treat I had the day before.  It may not have even been a “treat” but rather a day where too much sugar was consumed overall.  Upon coming to this realization, I’ve been working very hard to be aware of my sugar intake and greatly reduce my consumption.  Quite honestly, since doing so, my body and my mind feels so much better.
There are some people out there who realize the negative impact alcohol has on their emotional well being, even after just one drink.  And I don’t even mean people who have a problem with alcohol; I mean just people who realize the next day they feel unhappy or their bodies feel unhappy.  I’m not that way with alcohol but I am that way with sugar.  I feel sluggish and moody after too much sugar.
So whether you have a sweet tooth like me or prefer salty indulgences, I figured I’d show you some of my favorite snacks. 
Hummus + whole wheat mini pitas (microwave them for a few seconds if they get a little stale) 😉

Hummus + fresh veggies

Produce: oranges, apples, mangoes, carrots, etc (And yes I will eat ALL of that produce!)

Yogurt.  The TJ 0% Vanilla greek yogurt + granola is my favorite afternoon snack.

Bars! I usually have one of these with my coffee on my first 15 at work.

Trail mix.  I like ones with a variety of nuts and dried fruit. (And this one even has chocolate pieces..yum!)

Speaking of snacks, I’m hungry. 🙂

Oh and I think I’ll go make dinner too…