Foodie for a Day – Two Little Red Hens

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There’s something about cupcakes and NYC that seem to go hand-in-hand.  Though when we think about it, we’re thinking the go-to places are Crumbs or Magnolia, right?  While those places may have good cupcakes (I can only stand by Magnolia, never been to Crumbs), I was introduced to the hidden gem of cupcakes on the Upper East Side while in New York a couple weeks ago.
Lisa and I had an afternoon free before yoga and decided to walk around the Upper East Side going into some of her favorite thrift stores but before we even hit a single store, Lisa asked “do you like cupcakes?”  “Why yes, yes I do.”  “Do you like chocolate?” “OF COURSE!”  “Let’s get cupcakes!” “Okay!!”
So Lisa and I walked over to Two Little Red Hens for the best lunch ever!
(Disclaimer: By best, I do not mean healthy in any way, shape or form.)

The place was adorable with very country-like decorations but what brings you coming back are the delicious cupcakes.  We decided to split two – a chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge in the middle and a chocolate frosting and a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter filling and a peanut butter and chocolate swirl frosting.

Did I mention how good these were? 
So good that baby carriers are now used for transportation of cupcakes!

They may not the best fuel for yoga but we did eat 1/2 a pickle after walking around the thrift stores!
After a quick stop back at the apartment to grab our stuff for yoga, Lisa and I took the long way to the subway (ie: skipping the cross-town bus) by walking through Central Park.  We were on a mission for some berries of some sort and while we couldn’t find them, we did get a nice walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day.