Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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It’s not often that I bake.  I enjoy it but when you live alone, you have to remember that anything you make, you have to eat or you have to hope you feel confident enough to share it.  This is usually what ends up preventing me from baking more often, which quite honestly is probably a good thing but after seeing this recipe last week, my mouth was watering and it took a pre-existing sugar craving to a whole new level!
I didn’t follow the recipe but rather used it as a guide.
  • I didn’t have coconut oil so I used vegan butter
  • I subbed all-purpose flour for oats
  • I didn’t have any almond butter so I used peanut butter
And while they didn’t turn out perfect, they were still pretty delicious – best right out of the oven!  And they didn’t make a ton of cookies; just about 1 large pan.  And while they didn’t survive my apartment that long, I felt pretty good about eating them!  (I definitely want to make this recipe the real way one day because it still makes my mouth water).

a clean bowl – a clear sign that I liked the dough… 😉

Mmmm ready for me to eat!!