Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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I’m excited to say I’m working on breaking my cereal for dinner habit!  Don’t get me wrong, cereal is delicious and since I don’t buy extra sugary / bad for you cereals, it’s not the worst thing in the world to eat, but it’s also not the healthiest when you allow it to take over your diet.  Which it had…
(And do yourselves a favor and never announce on Facebook you’re trying to break the habit, the people will revolt!)
One of the things I’ve never had success making but always hear how delicious and easy it is to make is baked tofu.  So I decided with 2 small bricks of tofu in my fridge, it was time to break one out for some baked tofu.
I found a recipe online for BBQ baked tofu that was super easy and I still messed it up (I used too much BBQ sauce!).
All you have to do is put a layer of your favorite BBQ sauce on the bottom of a foil lined pan, put your sliced tofu on top and another layer of BBQ sauce and bake in the oven for about an hour.  

Pretty sure mine baked longer and was still too soft because in my fear of not using enough BBQ sauce plus thinking I didn’t have very much left, I went a bit over board.  But the warm BBQ sauce made for a nice “sauce” for the sandwich, served with a sliced apple + Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips (my fav!).

Later this week, I’ve been using the leftover tofu mixed with some whole grain rice + roasted tomatoes + mushrooms for a delicious BBQ rice bowl.  YUM!