Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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So I had this idea that I was going to have another “day in food” post for this week’s Foodie for a Day.  I don’t really have anything fun planned to make today and quite actually I’ve somehow planned out and filled just about every hour of my day today (and it’s my day off! How does that happen?).  Anyway, the day in food did happen but I didn’t really eat anything out of the ordinary yesterday.  It’s definitely my typical fare.
Snack: 1/2 banana with peanut butter (before going to yoga)
Breakfast: Coffee, toast with almond butter + 1/2 mashed banana
Lunch: Green smoothie (1/2 banana, frozen spinach, soy milk, spoonful peanut butter, 1/2 scoop vanillla rice based protein powder), a few handfuls of mini rice cakes
Snack: Grande soy misto, chocolate brownie mini Clif bar
Dinner: Tempeh + jam + spinach sandwich, orange, vanilla bean Greek yogurt w/ granola
Snack: small bowl of shredded oats w/ soy milk upon getting home from work at 12:45AM (I couldn’t help it, I was starving!!)

It’s funny because I was just telling my mom the other day how I eat all day – snack, meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack – and this really shows that.  The good thing is, I’m generally not eating so much at one meal that I end up overly stuffed and uncomfortable, I listen to my body as to when it needs more food or has had enough (or at least I try to do this…) and I always try to carry snack bars on me for those just-in-case hunger strikes moments.
Mmmm…nom nom nom. 🙂