Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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After a rough start to my morning, thanks to the state of California, I’m feeling clear and excited for the remainder of my day.  It was days like today that I earned my yoga practice before it even came about – including getting locked IN my apartment while trying to leave.  But deep breaths in, exhaling completely, and a screwdriver later and I was on my way to yoga while the locks on my apartment were getting worked on.
And I’m SO excited to share my “foodie” moment for the week – homemade peanut butter!!!

I ended up making this over the weekend when I had some free time and had to wait patiently for Wednesday to come around so I could geek out for all of you.  I know that I could have shared it over the weekend, but then what if I didn’t have anything else to be a foodie over today?  I’d rather “double foodie” you, than deny you of these moments as I initially promised.  …I’m sure you’re muttering under your breath that you don’t really care, but that’s okay.  I do. 🙂
This is the easiest recipe ever.  All you need are dry roasted peanuts, salt and vanilla.

Pour your peanuts into the food processor (I used 3 cups), a little salt (my peanuts were lightly salted, so I used very little salt), and about 1 tsp vanilla. 

Blend away.  Keep blending.  Scrape the bowl when needed.  And keep blending for about 7-10 minutes.

Hey guess what?!  It’s peanut butter!

Fill your jars.

Carefully remove the blade and clean that off.

Lick the remaining peanut butter from the bowl with your fingers.

Obviously, this was followed by a necessary peanut butter and jelly toast to test it out.  Delicious.  I really want to try this recipe replacing the dry roasted peanuts for the honey roasted peanuts…can you imagine?