Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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Todays version of me pretending I’m a foodie features the birthday present from my parents: my new red food processor!
Today I finally decided to open up the food processor and take it out of the box.  This is when I found out it was red.  Can you believe that?  I didn’t actually open the box!  I was saving it for the first time I wanted to (clean it and then) use it!  This was definitely a fun, exciting and well received surprise!  For a moment, it was my birthday again!
(Yes people, it is the little things that make me happy.  Deal with it!)
On the menu for today – HUMMUS!
I found an easy recipe on for an ‘extra easy hummus’ and that it was!  I’m sure there are tastier recipes out there but I wanted to start off with something super easy, even though hummus is a pretty easy thing to make.  “Extra easy hummus” is also super delicious hummus!  The ingredients were garbanzo beans, salt, cumin, garlic (I didn’t have fresh but garlic powder worked just fine in a pinch), olive oil and a little reserved liquid after draining the beans.  Blend and add additional reserved liquid until you reach your desired consistency. 

After finishing, I had to have a quick snack. 🙂
No I did not eat the whole tub of hummus.  But i thought about it. 🙂

Thanks again Mom & Dad!!

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