Foodie for a Day Wednesday – NAKED (juice)

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Preparing for the Healthy Living Summit is crazy!  Not because it’s actually crazy but because I have no idea what to pack and even though the dress code is pretty much non-existent (they even recommend yoga pants for Saturday!), I still have no idea what I want to wear and pack!  And then even as I figure it out, I change my mind.  I’m so excited I get to attend but I’m sure you can imagine the nerves are also taking over a bit, but I am trying to push them away.  It’s going to be a crazy-wonderful experience that I’ll be able to talk about for awhile!
Between getting ready for HLS and work, other aspects of my life are coming together and things are about to get really busy!  In a good way!
I went to yoga this morning and after class I had lunch with my yoga instructor to discuss the possibility of my working for her part-time until November.  After a delicious lunch and great conversation, I made my way over to the gym for a quick run.  I was looking for a 2 miler but 2 miles came and went and I felt good so I kept going.  I ended around 3.5 miles and while part of me wanted to keep going, I also knew I didn’t want to over exert myself before a long weekend so I stopped.  Sweaty and feeling good!  I’m now waiting for some text to come through so I can work on another freelance project I’ve picked up creating email newsletters and maintaining web presence for an artist.  Things are all coming together!
But after a morning and afternoon of heavy exercise, I knew I needed something when I got home that would help replace vitamins and nutrients, without making me feel weighed down.  I was so happy when I remembered I had a Naked juice in the fridge.  
I purchased two the other day at Target the other day when I was feeling slightly congested and knowing there was something going around the office with people not feeling the best, I didn’t want to be the next to go down.  VITAMIN C to the RESCUE!  I drank the “Blue Monster” driving home from Target, while the “Green Monster” was waiting for me to come home today.  Both were delicious and once opened, didn’t last long!

I love how these juices are full of delicious fruits and veggies, taste delicious and don’t have any ingredients that make you question what is going into your body.  Real food is so good for you and makes your body feel good.
The ingredients in my “Green Monster” are: apple juice, mango puree, pineapple juice, banana puree, kiwi puree, chlorella, broccoli, spinach, barley grass, wheat grass, parsley, ginger root, blue green algae, and odorless garlic.
I know “Green Monster” isn’t the most appealing looking juice but it sure makes up for it by tasting delicious!