Foodie for a Day // Zucchini Muffins

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I’ve always been pretty good with my money.  Some may call me cheap.  Heck, I call me cheap.  But I still often feel like I’m searching for pennies under the couch cushions some days, so one of my goals for 2012 is to work on my financial stability.  This is probably more mental than anything else.  (Well, that and saving money is never a bad thing.)

One of the ways I’m working on this is by planning out meals, trying to be better about using the foods I already have in my apartment, watching how often I eat out or spend money on coffee, and finding recipes to replace some of the convenience foods I purchase like power bars or other snacks.

Enter, leftover zucchini and a desire for muffins.

I debated a recipe for zucchini protein muffins but when I couldn’t find one that sounded appealing and wouldn’t require a trip to the grocery store, I ended up settling on this one.**

Settling isn’t even the right word, they were delicious!  …it’s possible they were gone in only a few days. 🙂

** The only replacement I made was soy milk for the non-fat milk.

2 thoughts on “Foodie for a Day // Zucchini Muffins

  1. wartica

    Thanks for the recipe; this looks – and probably tastes – amazing. I will give this a whirl this coming weekend:) Thanks again, Katie and I look forward to connecting more with you:))

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