Foodie for a Day

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While home in August, my grandpa gave permission for my sister and I to go to his house and take anything from the kitchen that we wanted or needed.  Since he doesn’t live there anymore and only has a tiny kitchenette at his new apartment, he doesn’t need the things that are still there.  So with a couple of boxes in hand, we set off.
The trip was mostly to find stuff for my sister who had nothing for a kitchen after living in Africa and France for the last 3 years but when she turned down the mini crock pot, I spoke up!
In no way am I an amazing cook.  I generally stick to a recipe (whether it’s one passed down through my family, in a cook book or found online) and my patience in the kitchen is minimal, so I generally look for recipes that are quick or with little preparation time.  A crockpot seemed like a good idea and after seeing Mama Pea’s “Slow Cooker Seitan Carnitas” recipe, I was super excited for it to arrive (my parents sent it with the Harry Potter books).

Boy was it a good idea!  Now I’m on the look out for recipes to use in my slow cooker.  Even if I can’t leave it on all day while I’m at work, I can have it making itself while I’m home and have a few nights of delicious dinners after.

With the carnitas, I swapped the seitan for crumbled tempeh – an absolute favorite of mine!  These were amazingly delicious and I just can’t get over how easy it was to make + reheat the next few days for dinner.

I rewarded myself with a pina colada after making this delicious meal!