Foodie for Day

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Have you ever heard about this honey for allergies debate?
I’ve been having trouble with my asthma lately.  No attacks per se, but rather trouble breathing if I’m outside getting exercise (biking or especially running).  And since I seem to be doing okay indoors most of the time, this feels more allergy related.
I was talking to my friend the other day and he asked if I ever tried honey for my allergies.  Apparently there is this theory out there that local honey (keyword being local – support your farmers markets people!) helps many people with allergies.  But after a little “google” search, it appears this is quite the debate.
So why am I choosing to share this with you?
I’ve decided to try it!  I guess we could classify this as another “challenge” but I’d rather not.  Instead, this is just me trying to have at least a teaspoon of my local honey (purchased at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market today) and hoping it will make an attempt to clear up my asthma.  Wish me luck!