‘For The Company’ by Little May

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Just over a year ago, I shared “Hide” by Little May on the blog. I still love that song but since finding out there was a new album released in October, I’ve been playing catch up…aka listening to ‘For The Company’ by Little May on repeat.

While I scheduled out social media for the week; while I did all of my food prep; while I cleaned my apartment; while I dreamed and brainstormed and planned for the future. Sorry, I’ll pull it back before I get too deep for a Monday morning.

But the truth is, I have been thinking a lot about life, my career, my goals and how I’m going to get there. It’s quite exhausting actually but instead of thinking or worrying about all of that right now, how about we just lose ourselves in a bit of music. Okay?

What are you listening to start your week?

8 thoughts on “‘For The Company’ by Little May

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