Four Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

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I admitted on Monday that I am in the holiday spirit, but I know for some of us that may not be the case. Maybe you have a pretty gnarly case of SAD with all of the snow and cold that we’ve been having (pretty sure we are getting the winter that we didn’t really have last year) or maybe work, life, money or relationships have you down and you’re struggling to find that inner spirit. I get it, we’ve all been there.

Believe it or not, in the world of there’s a holiday for everything, today is actually HUMBUG day and as the (likely somewhat annoying) girl who is feeling the holiday spirit, I wanted to offer some suggestions to pull yourself out of that funk and find your inner holiday spirit, regardless of what you celebrate.


Watch a Christmas movie

You should have seen this coming after Monday’s post but seriously, all it takes is a cute Christmas movie and my heart is nearly exploding with Christmas and love. Maybe you need a little nostalgia so you go for a childhood favorite or maybe you just need a good old classic and you break out the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’


I get it if you’re feeling strapped financially but whether it be $5 or 10 cents to a Salvation Army donation pot, it’s something. Maybe instead of finances, you donate time and ring the bell for one of the Salvation Army pots. Or you could volunteer at your local shelter or food bank. My apartment complex is doing a Toys for Tots drive so I donated a few toys. Each year, my employer gives us a gift card to our company stores to spend. I got a couple things for myself that I had been eyeing, but spent the rest on toys to donate. When I picked up the box from the apartment office yesterday, I asked for a scissors, cut open the box and handed the toys right over. My heart was bursting.

Bake Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is a long-standing tradition in my family and even though I don’t have a full day of baking with my family anymore, turning on some Christmas tunes and dancing around the kitchen as I bake always seems to do the trick! Check out some of these delicious cookie ideas.

Sit by the tree

I’m sure this seems kind of silly, but the twinkly colorful lights on the tree just set a tone that I can’t deny. Add some Christmas music or a movie, a cup of cocoa or tea and I’m sure the moment will change.

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How do you get in the holiday spirit when you’re feeling like Scrooge?

25 thoughts on “Four Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

  1. Kristen

    I love all of your suggestions! I just baked Hamantaschen cookies while listening to Christmas music (totally mixing both Hanukkah and Christmas there, but that’s what my family does!) and now I’m sitting by the tree with hot chocolate. I love sitting in a dark room with a lit Christmas tree! It totally puts me in the Christmas spirit.

  2. chiara Marie

    I’m in agreement with this WHOLE list. It’s the time to give and I can resonate with Donate. Cookies yes but that becomes the problem when I eat them all…LOL

  3. Ref J

    Great tips for getting into the holiday spirit. I love that you included donating on the list. There is something about being able to give to Toys for Tots at this time of year that is so special. I also have been binge watching Christmas movies all day which always helps bring on the holiday cheer.

  4. Jewels

    Love the authenticity of this post. My favorite things to do to get me in the holiday spirit are sit by the Christmas tree and watch Christmas movies!

  5. Mistle

    All great ways to get into the holiday spirit. Donating is such a huge thing. I try to do as much as I can as far as donating. The smallest amount can help. Even volunteering time is better than nothing.

  6. Ashley Stephenson

    We went on a cruise to the Bahamas last week and when I got back I was totally in the Holiday spirit! We baked cookies and the Hallmark channel has been constantly playing in our house!

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