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The disappointment was having plans for my weekend that I had to cancel due to a not so fun cold. The good thing was giving my body the rest it was asking for with a break from formal workouts and LOTS of sleep. It meant a lot of fluids and as much relaxation as I could possibly allow myself. And by that I mean relaxing the mind AND body, especially as I’m sure the sickness was caused by an overload of stress and not giving my body and mind the break it needed to recoup.


Sleeping Saturday afternoon around 1pm until 6:30am Sunday morning, getting out of bed only to grab something to eat or grab more fluids allowed me to wake up Sunday morning with enough energy to get to the grocery store and even grab a lunch time walk around my neighborhood.

10552503_10100211339216519_5675036341311576601_nBut I didn’t allow myself to jump back into life at full speed as the glimmer of feeling better. After lunch, I grabbed my laptop and plopped myself in the chair, turned on some music and allowed myself to just chill out. Knowing my body still needed rest and relaxation, that was exactly what I wanted to give it.


I was listening to an artist that I recently discovered and have been LOVING ever since. He’s called Hozier but we’ll let his talent speak for itself…



Seriously amazing, right?!


What are you listening to and loving right now?

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  1. Stephanie

    Love the soulfulness of Hozier’s voice. Good lyrics too. I posted a Music Monday post today featuring The Gospel Whiskey Runners. Hope all is well with you and that you’re feeling better.

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