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As someone who didn’t understand Pinterest for a long time, I’m awfully obsessed with it as of late.  So much so that I look at old furniture or random things and see fun DIY projects in my future. And after completing one I can assure you there will be more!

IMG_1997With that, I thought it would be a fun to share how I got from Point A to Point be with this recent dresser refurb project.


This dresser was u.g.l.y. and needed some serious TLC but every time I saw it sitting in my parent’s garage, I knew I wanted it and wanted to make it fabulous.


The first step was to clean and sand the whole thing down – front, back, sides, drawers, everything.  I used both a power sander and a hand held sand brick.  After wiping it down to remove any debris, I used a primer.  Online research suggested allowing the primer to sit for 5-7 days to set.


After about 5 days I painted the whole thing.  For my dresser I needed 2 coats of paint to get an even tone.


Once everything was dry, I added the new hardware and moved the dresser from the icky garage to inside the house.


Project done!  Now onto the dresser’s ugly step-brother…


2 thoughts on “From Start to Finish

  1. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    So cute! I love how the drawers are wavy. We refinished a dresser too. Started baby blue, with these crazy retro wooden block handles. Wouldn’t know it was the same one after a new paint job & knobs!

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