Getting Back On Track

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Yesterday was challenging for me.  I pushed through the best I could but it was a struggle, maybe more so than I would like to admit.  As more details come through, my heart just breaks more and more and I had a few moments where I couldn’t hold it all in.

I’m off today and can sit with my thoughts, find ways to release my stress and move with my future and get back on track as best as I can.  I didn’t expect this to hit me so hard but it did because it brings up so many different thoughts and feelings (I’ll save those for another day) and literally just hit way too close to home.

In an effort to bring some light to my day, I wanted to share a cool video one of my friend’s shared with me.  I think it’s awesome and it totally makes me happy.


 What do you do to get back on track after a rough day?

3 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track

  1. Amanda @ flecksofgreen

    I usually just take about 30-45 minutes to just find a room by myself and read a little. It helps me to get away and into another life (or storyline of the book). Then when I finish reading, I find I have a cleared mind and am ready to face whatever I need to face.

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