Getting in the Christmas Spirit

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Was anyone else snowed in this weekend? Or maybe you went walking in a winter wonderland? Maybe you’re hating my musical analogies and I should just stop?

But seriously, this was a snow filled weekend in west Michigan! I worked Saturday morning and let me tell you, that drive was not fun! The plows had been out but it almost appeared like they had yet to touch the highways; they were worse than the main local roads I take to get there. Regardless, I made it there and home safe and sound, and that’s really all that matters!

Sunday morning I was obsessively checking the yoga scheduled terrified they’d cancel, but my 8:30am class stayed on the agenda and I was able to get my fix. It was tough (mentally and physically) and I kept finding myself stuck in my head, but by the end of class, I could have stayed on my mat the rest of the day without a care for everything else that was on my todo list. It’s amazing how that happens.

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I worked about 70 hours last week and will likely have another busy week ahead of me (between personal appointments and extra hours at work), so let’s get to this, shall we?

I remember when I was living in Los Angeles, it was very difficult for me to feel like it was the holiday season when it was still sunny and 70s everyday. Christmas for me means winter and snow and cold and bundling up under blankets inside. When I don’t get that, the holidays don’t quite feel like the holidays.

Christmas music even feels more special when it’s snowing outside or when you hop inside your warm car after spending a few minutes brushing all the snow off. Anyone else with me?

I figured today I would share a new Christmas album I’ve been enjoying, A Very Kacey Christmas, from Kacey Musgraves…

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet?

What’s your favorite Christmas song or album?

11 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas Spirit

  1. j

    I did not know you were also a MI blogger, I’m on the opposite side of the state from you 🙂 We got dumped on for most of the day on Sunday and did you see another storm is headed our way this Friday?
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  2. Jessica Bradshaw

    Oh my gosh! You are adorable. Love the Christmas analogies. I am obsessed with this time of year. The weather, food, lights, music…everything. I will have to get her album!

  3. Michelle

    Yes, same here. I need snow in my holiday season. Hope I get some as I live in Texas. It’s been freezing here, so we may just get some after all around Christmas day. Hopefully. Stay safe!

  4. Kalee

    Yowza on the 70 hour work week! Take care of yourself; I know this time of year is busy with so many extra things too. I also totally agree that the weather and seeing everyone bundled up smiling makes me feel more in the Christmas spirit than a balmy day. It’s finally getting chilly here in Tennessee!

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