Getting Pretty Muddy (for a 2nd year)!

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What a roller coaster, bittersweet, all over the place kind of week! As I’m finishing up my final tasks and handing over my campaigns at work, the reality keeps hitting me in the face – this is actually happening.

50 states in a year graphicIt’s not that I’ve doubted it (aside from the normal scared doubts from time to time), this just feels right which is why I’ve continued to push forward and develop the idea. But it’s funny, just when Sam or myself are sitting around worrying, some puzzle piece falls into place or there’s some reminder that we’re really setting out to do big things. A few donations rolling in this week has also helped, let’s get real.

Anyway, I owe you a recap from when Amanda was in town and we did the Pretty Muddy mud run, so let’s get to that, shall we?

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Our morning started early but quite honestly, not that early which was nice considering the hour long drive to the race. After breakfast and coffee we piled into the car and made our way to Pretty Muddy farms.

Upon arriving, we checked in and got our bibs, dropped off our stuff at gear check, and took a few “before” photos. There was a “warm-up” being led by a local gym so we joined in before making our way to the starting line for our heat.


As with most races, we had to start walking until the group dispersed a bit but I was surprised when no one started running. Eventually Amanda and I just zigzagged our way through the group and took off on a jog. We did a nice little walk/run as Amanda hadn’t run for a few weeks and I hadn’t since deciding to defer my marathon entry.


We made our way through the course, stopping to finish each “obstacle” before taking off for the next stop. Some obstacles were better than others, but with my favorites being the big slide, tall A-frame rope climb and giant mud pit at the end.

When we finished the race, we were greeted with our Pretty Muddy medals, a bottle of Propel water and sent on our way to go hose down and change clothes. Of course we made sure to take a few photos first.


This is the second year I’ve been given the opportunity to do the Pretty Muddy mud run so I thought I’d share a few of the pros and cons I’ve witnessed in the last couple years.

-Race bib pick-up was quick and painless
-They had t-shirts this year (they didn’t last year which seemed weird)
-Bag check was super easy and the volunteers were very friendly
-They donate your muddy shoes at the end if you don’t want them anymore.
-MUD! Because who doesn’t like to get a little dirty once and awhile?
-It’s not timed so you can just make your way through the course and have fun!


-Parking fee is $10 which is high (they donate to charity so you do feel better about it but that still seems really high to me)
-The parking field definitely could have been mowed better as the grass was still really long which made it super buggy but it also wasn’t marked well for how to get out and volunteers directing in the lot were not helpful.
-I felt weird for wanting to run…I remember a lot of walkers on the course last year but not where I felt like a total weirdo for running it
-Since it’s in the corn fields, it’s not even ground and you do need to be careful so you don’t roll your ankle!
-I want more mud!

after after

Regardless, it was still a really fun morning and I enjoyed getting to hang out with Amanda. I said last year that it’s definitely a race to do with a friend vs by yourself and I still couldn’t agree more!

Have you ever done a mud run? Would you?

*A special thanks to Amanda’s boyfriend, Dave, for being our photographer for the day and putting up with us cougars for his birthday weekend.* 😉

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