Getting to the after

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While I’m not done with the remodel yet, I’m definitely getting there.  I don’t want to leave all of you hanging as I’m sure you’re kind of anxious to see the changes, as I’ve been so excited about this.  I had the day off yesterday and spent the majority of the afternoon and early evening, building the last bookshelf and moving all of the furniture around.  I have some cable management that needs to get done (thank you Apple visuals experience…or maybe there’s a sarcastic thanks a lot in there) and additional organizational supplies and curtains that need to be purchased to finish the whole look off but that might take some time.  I’m definitely happy with the direction this is going.  What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “Getting to the after

  1. Mom

    Wow! This apartment looks like there are many comfortable spaces-way more than just a studio. Thanks for the update. You are very creative. 🙂 It looks beautiful!

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