Giving My All in 15.4

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The previous Open WODs have worked in line with 50 States events but it was looking like I was going to have to find a place to do 15.4 when we didn’t have an event on the schedule. But then I got an email from Kingman CrossFit in Arizona asking if it was too late for us to come hang out for an event. 24 hours notice? Nope, not too late, especially since they were going to let me tackle the WOD with everyone.

When 15.4 was first released and I saw what the scaled WOD looked like, I was excited. I felt like this was a WOD in my wheel house but as with every workout in CrossFit, it caught me off guard.


The 65# push presses got heavy quickly. I was trying to complete each set without dropping the bar, wanting to save my energy but sometimes I had no option but to let the bar hit the ground and take a break.

As for the 75# power cleans, they’re not out of my wheel house, but they’re definitely not a weight that I’m usually using in a WOD. To complete sets of 10 was big for me. It wasn’t going to be impossible but I didn’t really know what to expect.

Completing these WODs at different gyms is always interesting. While you never quite know what to expect (from the people, the gym, and the new environment), I felt so supported. When I’d drop the bar and take a deep breath, my judge would look at me and be like “you got this!”


And the thing was, I knew I did.

I was dropping the bar when I doubted myself, doubted my abilities and questioned my limits. The 8 minutes went fast and while I didn’t really set a goal for myself of how many reps I wanted to complete, I wouldn’t stop until the time was up. And I wasn’t going to let myself walk away feeling like I didn’t give it everything I had, feeling like I stopped short of my abilities.

If you compare my 70 reps to someone else’s score, I’m sure it may seem small but this isn’t about the comparison game. It’s about giving it everything I had and walking away happy with what I brought to the moment.

And that’s exactly what I can say…I gave it my all.


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