Go Go Fitness Friday!

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Go.Go.Go.Go.Go.Go.Go! That’s how my life is feeling lately. I’m not complaining, no said it’s a bad thing but it does mean I’m tired and ready for Sunday where the only thing on my agenda is hot yoga. Well…that and some local music radio shows in the evening. Like I said, go.go.go.go! 😉



Regardless, I’ve stayed active this week which is good. That’s always how I’m able to keep my sanity during busy weeks. I know my hard work will eventually pay off but if that happened sooner rather than later, I wouldn’t complain. ha! A last minute show last night, another tonight and I’m eyeing one tomorrow night so let’s just get to the Fitness Friday fun so I can get back to work, mmkay?


Friday 11/15

75 mins yoga

200 crunches


Saturday 11/16

Active rest – walking city – 3 miles

Sunday 11/17


80 reverse crunches

80 toe touches


Monday 11/18

2 mile run

Strength – chest & triceps

90 sec plank

50 crunches

Tuesday 11/19

Strength – back & biceps & abs


Wednesday 11/20

3 mile run

Strength – legs & abs

Thursday 11/21

Strength – shoulders & abs

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How were your workouts this week?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Go Go Fitness Friday!

  1. Stacie

    It’s always inspiring to see someone manage to fit in consistent workouts even with a busy schedule.

    I’m doing a 5k tomorrow, and am looking forward to get back into running more races.

  2. calee

    your life sounds a lot like mine lately. i actually blocked off last weekend and this weekend on my calendar(s — because there are multiple … ugh) as “HERMIT TIME”.

    what radio shows do you listen to? Curious as I love listening to new things.

    Not sure if you’re on spotify, but if you are, you should follow my friend Stephanie Fink (I subscribe to basically all her playlists). She has incredible taste in music and that’s basically how I discover all my new favorite bands (she’s at stephadamo.com too btw).

    1. admin Post author

      I’ve been listening to WXRT’s Local Anesthetic and Fox the Rock’s “The Garage.” Local Anesthetic is consistently good but The Garage is a come-and-go.

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