Grab This Opportunity & GO!

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I’m very lucky to have friends and family that support me and what I’m choosing to do for the next year. I’m sure many (at least some point in time) thought I was crazy and maybe I am but at the same time, they know when I put my heart into something, that great things will come of it.

A couple weeks ago a family member supported our project by mailing me a check to put towards our GoFundMe page and while the donation was so generous and appreciated, the message that came after was what really stuck out. I immediately sent them an email thanking them for their support and I got an email back “Grab this opportunity and GO!”


I love it! That’s really what we’re doing. We found an opportunity to make change, to grab people’s attention and make a difference and there’s no backing down now. We have to GO! We have to do this. We have to be the change, create the change, and help inspire the change!

But regardless if you’re traveling to all 50 states or if you’re traveling around your community, how can you take an opportunity and just GO? What is that opportunity that you see lying in front of you asking for change? What’s holding you back? Just GO!



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6 thoughts on “Grab This Opportunity & GO!

  1. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    I try girlfriend, I try :).

    Also, yes, I thought you were crazy, but I also know that if anyone can do this, you can (and I’m soooo proud!). Can’t wait for you to take off on your adventure!!!

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