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It’s not uncommon to hear the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and honestly, I’ve been gratitude journaling nearly every day for the last couple of years. I feel it’s power and I definitely feel those moments when I fall out of the habit. Each night before I go to bed, I break out my journal and write out 10 things that I’m grateful for that day. It can be anything from the big things down to the small things, and everything else in between. Even on my hardest days, this practice has helped me find something to be thankful for, something to smile about, and something to remind me that even in the moments when I’m not sure how I’ll get through, there’s a reason to wake up in the morning. 

Anyway, this past month one of my yoga instructors challenged anyone willing to participate to practice gratitude from A to Z. Each day your gratitude started with a different letter of the alphabet. It was super easy some days, a little more difficult others, but definitely required you to be creative and dig deep at times. I did this on top of my daily practice and it was really fun. I’m sharing my completed list today!


B– Blogging – and all it brought me

C– Coffee dates with myself, especially when working towards my own passions and dreams (aka writing my book).

D– My Dad. Strong on the outside but a big old teddy bear for his girls.

E– Essential Oils, because they’re a beautiful natural remedy that supports my physical and mental health.

F– The FREEDOM to vote and make my voice heard

G– Guests, aka my parents coming to visit for a couple days 

H– Health, because I know health is everything. 

I– Being INTENTIONAL, because my ability to tune-in to what I need and then going with that, is something I don’t take for granted.

J– A job, maybe not the one I see myself in for the long (or even short term), but it lets me pay the bills, it brings about new experiences and chances to learn. What’s not to be grateful for?

K– Kelsey, because while I’m living in a place where my community feels so small, she is my rock and bestie. 

L– Love, even with a broken heart, I find gratitude for the ability to love because when I love, I do so with my whole heart.

M– My momma, because she’s my biggest cheerleader. 

N– Nature, because it’s ability to keep me grounded and rooted. 

O– Open-mindedness, because you never know what life may throw your way so keep an open mind and an open heart.

P– Playlists full of music to feed my soul

Q– Quotes that inspire me, words are such a powerful force. 

R– Rain, because it’s calming and soothing (to listen to inside with tea and a book) and makes me feel alive to be outside dancing in the rain.

S– Sissy! We didn’t always get along but we’ve come a long way and I will always be grateful for my big sister.

T– Travel, See the whole fucking world and learn from other cultures, people, and mindsets.

U– The Universe, for always working in my favor, even when it’s hard for me to see myself. 

V– My Voice, to share my thoughts, to speak my truth, and to connect with others.

W– Waterfalls because you can’t be near one without feeling alive!

X– eXercise. Because it’s a form of therapy

Y– Yoga, it’s my life, my love, my therapy, my escape, my passion, my driving force.

Z– The Zest to keep pursuing all that life has to offer. 

Have you ever done this? What would be your W, X, Y or Z gratitude?


6 thoughts on “Gratitude A to Z

  1. Anthea

    This is a stunning way of listing what one is grateful for. I also keep a gratitude journal but now want to try doing an A – Z list.
    Your list is great and yes to blogging! I’m also so grateful for that.
    I’m trying out a yoga class today – first time and I’m excited. Hoping it goes well and I can use it as my letter Y.
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  2. Beth

    I love this way of expressing gratitude! I might have to try it sometime, it’s a great practice! I definitely agree with you on blogging and all it’s brought me too!

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