“Graveyard Whistling” Nothing But Thieves

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Happy Monday from Mississippi! We got in late last night for an all day 50 States event. After getting to spend the day at the beach in Alabama, the little sleep last night might be worth it. Hours in the sun relaxing and soaking in the sunshine was absolutely marvelous, but I’ll let you know how I feel about the lack of sleep in a few hours… 😉


Anyway, you know the best way to tackle a case of the Mondays? MUSIC!

imageToday we’re listening to “Graveyard Whistling” by Nothing But Thieves. It’s absolutely gorgeous but also eerily haunting in some ways. One of those songs that’s really easy for me to have on repeat.

We’ll make it a quick one today as my to-do list is overwhelming long and I don’t have a ton of time.

Have a great Monday!

What are you listening to today?

2 thoughts on ““Graveyard Whistling” Nothing But Thieves

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