Happy Halloween / Music Monday

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

If you’re choosing to go out tonight, I hope you all stay safe and have some awesome costumes!  Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays.  In fact, I’ve never really cared about it since the days of being a little kid and dressing up to go trick-or-treating with my friends.  But I will dress up and hang out with friends if there’s something going on, so it’s still a fun holiday.
I didn’t/am not doing anything for it this year.  I worked all weekend and while I have today off, I’m looking forward to spending the night in reading and relaxing.  Yes, I’m lame sometimes.  But I started my day with some pumpkin spice pancakes so at least I’m still kind of festive. 😉
If I look back at the years of costumes, I have a hard time pointing out a favorite but as a kid, my mom and grandma used to make our costumes so if you want to talk about who had the best Belle, Little Mermaid or Cinderella costumes, surely it was my sister and I!  And in middle school, my friends and I decided to dress up as The Pink Ladies (from Grease) which was pretty awesome.  I was on crutches that Halloween so we got me a wheelchair and dressed it up as our car so I wouldn’t have to walk around all night.
Anyway, allowing my ears to open up to the new James Morrison album, The Awakening, means that’s all I’ll be listening to for the next week or so.

I remember when one of my coworkers introduced me to James Morrison back in college and I wondered how I had lived my whole life without hearing this voice.  It is seriously soulful and gorgeous – almost scary good! (Bad Halloween pun, huh?)  I can’t help but swoon and wish to find a man with this kind of voice to sing me to sleep every night.

What?! A girl can dream can’t she…