Harry Potter Book Club

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When I was back home in IL I found myself wanting to read the Harry Potter books.  And no, I don’t mean again.  I mean as in the first time.  Ever.  
Back when they were still new, I read the first book and started the second.  I liked them but sitting down and reading just didn’t happen and I found myself losing interest.  I saw the second movie (or at least parts of it) but that was it.
But now the story is over.  All books and movies have been released.  The hype has died down (kinda?) and it feels more attainable to tackle without the wait.
So I picked it up again and just kept reading.  I stopped when I was busy but my desire to keep going was there and I finished the book a couple weeks ago.  I rented the movie from Netflix and finished watching it last night.
Why does this matter, you ask?
Because after I finished the first book, I realized there were others out there like me who may want to join in.  Or people who read the books and watched the movies who want to experience it all again.
Therefore, I’m starting a Harry Potter Book Club via Talk Less, Say More.
So if you want to join me – I’ll be continuing with Book 2 as soon as I get the box from my parents with the book inside (hint hint mom and dad).  If you need to read/re-read Book 1, go pick it up and get started! 
I’d love to have you join me!!