“Haunted” by Charlie Simpson

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First and foremost, I must admit I went a bit quiet last week. I don’t apologize for it because I always find that a tad ridiculous but in case you noticed and wondered the reason for my absence…

That post work view…??

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I was in Seattle for work.

It’s always a little strange trying to decide if you’re going to talk about being away from your home as a blogger who pretty much puts it all out there as it becomes a bit of a safety issue so I decided to stay a little quiet about it. Obviously if you follow me on Instagram, you probably figured it out and while I was hoping to get posts up Wednesday and Thursday, it just wasn’t in the cards. But I’m back and that’s what matters.

Also, if you didn’t see that I released my first e-book on Friday, please please PLEASE check it out! I am so proud of it and everything that led up to it, so I hope you’ll check it out. 🙂

music monday-haunted

Anyway, today is a Monday and around these parts, we start off with some killer music and today does not disappoint, I promise.

I am obsessed with “Haunted” by Charlie Simpson – from the truthful lyrics, sing-a-long ability and all of the places it takes you.

Were haunted from what we’ve seen

Another force to cause emergency

Our paper hearts are folding

And torn apart as we hold them

What do we do this for?

What do we do this for?

What do we do this for?

We were born together we’ll die together

haunted charlie simpson

What are you listening to today?

8 thoughts on ““Haunted” by Charlie Simpson

  1. Charlotte

    Thanks for sharing the music–I dig it 🙂

    Also I think it’s smart to keep quiet when you have to step away / out of town for a bit. I totally get that and I think that when we put so much of our lives OUT there it’s just smart practice in general. Hope you had a nice time and that you were able to explore the city a bit while you were there for work. XOXO
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