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I am so excited!  I’m sure some of you have been watching my Twitter feed these last few days and saw a posting about a trip to Philly with no further information.  If you’re anything like my ‘rents, you’re probably wondering what is making me fly to Philly.
WELL, let me tell you!
A few days ago the blog-o-sphere had this little thing called ‘The Great Fundraising Act.’  Basically, Janetha at Meals & Moves, hosted an online blogger auction to help raise funds for Susan at The Great Balancing Act who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  It was a huge success where they raised over $26,000 to help Susan cover the costs of treatment.
Anyway, without expecting to win anything, I decided to place a bid on a few items that I liked – some yoga clothes, fun baskets and a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit in Philly in August.

I never expected to actually win!
But I also could not be more excited!  When tickets originally went on sale for HLS, I really wanted to go but I feared the financial burden, time off work and the whole “not knowing anyone” thing that comes with these sorts of conferences.
Well the TGFA brought on a little twist of fate and after winning the auction, you can bet I’m not going to turn down this opportunity!  I’m so excited! My ticket has been paid for, my flight has been booked and now I’m just working out the hotel/roommate details.
So if anyone attending HLS happens to stop by here, make sure you say hi!
And to everyone else, don’t worry, I will most definitely be blogging about my trip and this awesome opportunity!

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