“Holda You” by White Denim

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I just love new music, especially when it’s unexpected and seems to come at just the perfect time.

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“Holda You” by White Denim
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It had been awhile since I listened to White Denim and then a friend shared their new song “Holda You (I’m Psycho)” from their new album due out in March on Facebook. Recognizing my love for the band, I clicked over to hear the new song.

Play. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I then opened Spotify and spent the majority of the rest of the day listening to old albums and being reminded of my love for this band. My headphones were in and I was in a zone, only coming out to grab coffee, use the restroom and walk down the hall for my afternoon meeting.

It was a zone that need not be broken. A zone that I could use to repeat itself a few more times, quite honestly.

I’ve been in a funk this week. I know exactly why too but can’t quite seem to get myself out of it for longer than a few hours so when there’s something that works and keeps me out of my head for awhile, it’s worth repeating.

mm white denim

So here I sit on a late Sunday morning at Starbucks, coffee in hand, ear buds in and doing all that I can to shut out the rest of the world, or more so, my own thoughts, worries and anxieties. And for moments like this, I just let the music take me away and into that other world.

The video is strange but the song is good and definitely worth your time. Then if you’re anything like me, listen to more White Denim and rekindle your love for such a great band.

What are you listening to this morning?

What songs help pull you out of a funk?

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