Home-Brewed Kombucha Tracker (A Free Printable)

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Do you remember when I showed you all how to brew your own kombucha? Did anyone do it?

Earlier this year, when I did my elimination diet, I decided to take a few months off. I followed a protocol I found online to preserve the scoby but when I was ready for a new brew, I decided I just wasn’t liking how it looked anymore. Scoby 101: if you don’t think it looks healthy, don’t risk it and get a new one. So that’s what I did. Well, I grew one.

kombucha tracker FB

Now that I have my new scoby, I’m a few brews in and forgot how much I enjoy the process and having a constant supply of kombucha at my finger tips (and for much cheaper than I could buy it)!

One aspect of brewing kombucha, is following a time table, to know approximately when it’s ready for the next step. There’s always a part of me that thinks I could remember (and my ex always did when we did this together), but I know myself better than that, which means I have to write it down.

With that said, I thought it would be helpful for anyone who brews their own (or may be looking to start), to use the tracker that I have found to be the most convenient.

kombucha tracker

Idea: You could even take the image and print them on little stickers to mark on the bottles!

Brew New Batch & Flavor Old Batch: this would be the date that you’re working on your kombucha. (For example, for me, this was Saturday, 8/20)

Put flavored bottles in fridge: Once I flavor and bottle the batch, I sit them on top of my fridge for another 1-2 days. This allows the brew to ferment a bit more with the added sugar (i.e. fruit/flavor) and get a bit fizzier!

Brew a new batch: This should be 7-10 days out from the date you’re brewing (In my example, 8/27-8/30).  If I’m drinking a bottle nearly every day, then I also know it’s about time because I’m out of bottles in the fridge. 😉

Download your free printable here.

I’m excited to keep playing around with more flavors. My first 2 batches with the new scoby was peach because I had some fresh peaches to use that just were a bit weird to eat on their own, but were perfect for the kombucha and my newest batch is mixed berry! (Note: frozen-thawed fruit is great for kombucha!)

Have you tried brewing your own kombucha?

What is your favorite flavor of kombucha?

17 thoughts on “Home-Brewed Kombucha Tracker (A Free Printable)

    1. Katie Post author

      Really?! So many stores are carrying it these days! Try it! It’s a bit of an acquired taste at first (at least it was for me) but now I am obsessed!

    1. Katie Post author

      It’s really not too hard, that was my biggest concern for awhile too. I think they key is pretty simple though: if you don’t think your scoby looks healthy, don’t risk it.

    1. Katie Post author

      I actually threw my old scoby away because I didn’t think it looked super healthy anymore (what I think is the key to staying safe with it all). Growing a new one basically entails a store bought plain kombucha, plus your homemade sweet tea and then letting it sit for about 4-6 weeks, then you’re able to brew with it.

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