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Can I get real for a moment?

Holidays aside, money is tight. The 50 States In A Year tour took quite the hit to my finances (more so than expected thanks to a situation I won’t get into here) and the added 2 ½ months of unemployment after didn’t help anything. Now that I’m working again, I’m slowly paying off those bills but I know I need to save as much money as I possibly can and also find an a second form of income.

Note: This isn’t me throwing myself a pity party. Rather, this is me excited to share one easy way I’ve found to put a little extra cash in my pocket! (Important: While this does contain links which earn me additional points, this is NOT a sponsored post!)

Have you heard of Swagbucks?

If not, you need to check it out, sign up and put it to use! 😉

I signed up for Swagbacks awhile back and quite honestly, I don’t think I understood it at first or what I was doing and why. Now that I’ve been poking around and using it a bit more lately, I’m really learning what all it can do and how to best make it work for me. And because I want you to get the most out of it too, I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far!


1 – The Daily Poll

While the Daily Poll is one simple question that only earns you 1 Swagbuck, it’s instant and takes next to no effort! I like a nice easy start to my mornings so while I’m drinking my coffee and checking my email, I make sure to login and take the poll. Note that there are other longer surveys which earn you more points, but you do have to qualify for those and I often get annoyed when I answer several questions, am not chosen for the survey and then only get 1 Swagbuck.

2 – Download the App

While I know that alerts on your phone can be annoying, do it! Often times, they direct you to Facebook to grab the code you need to enter into the box. This takes an extra stop but usually people leave the code in the comments saving you from having to click on their link and can just plug it right into the app. The whole process takes less than a minute and they often earn you 2 or 3 Swagbucks. Yesterday there were a bunch (I’m guessing because of the holidays) and one even earned me 6!

3 – Shopping

Especially around the holidays when we’re doing so much of it online, make sure to check Swagbucks first! If you can get cash back or Swagbacks for purchases you’re going to make already, then why wouldn’t you? This is also why I always check Ebates! Right now I have about 500 Swagbucks that will release in the next couple weeks for past purchases!

4 – Videos

I have a major tip on this one and it’s especially nice for me because I have unlimited data so if you don’t, make sure you’re connected to wifi…let the videos play on your phone when you aren’t using it! You have to start new videos on the website but on your phone they’ll just keep playing and playing and playing. (And the same videos seem to keep earning whereas on the web version you can only watch them once a day). Now…I’m going to admit, this will eat at your battery, so don’t do this unless you have a charger nearby. And I repeat (and hope you can kind of read between the lines here)…LET.IT.PLAY. 😉 (Yes, I have videos running while I’m typing up this post)

5 – Invite friends!

They sign up, they earn Swagbucks, and then, so do YOU! (With that said, won’t you join?) 😉

Through these simple steps alone, I’ve been earning about 30-40 Swagbucks a day (which may not seem like much but it does add up) for next to no effort. I’m definitely looking forward to cashing in my balance soon with a transfer to my PayPal account (Note: there are also gift card options for places like Amazon and Starbucks!).

I hope you all have gathered some helpful knowledge about Swagbucks and how you can make this work for you!

If you use it already, I would love to hear your tips on getting the most from it!

If you don’t use it, what questions do you have?

8 thoughts on “How I Get The Most From Swagbucks

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  2. Liz Jo

    I’m going to give swagbucks another try, they were really confusing for me and I’ve had issues with them. I really use ebates for purchases but wanted to try out swagbucks for the other ways to earn. although lately ebates hasn’t been giving me the full cashback…kind of annoying.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

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