How I’ve Been Treating Myself Lately

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For someone who tries really hard to save their money and be good about spending, I’ve had quite the case of retail therapy lately. Remember my trip to Lulu a few weeks ago? I don’t in any way regret that shopping trip (can you regret a trip to Lulu?), but as I set out Friday night on another little shopping adventure, I realized I do probably need to tone it down a bit. But for now, I’m reminding myself that it’s okay to treat ourselves once and awhile!

photoI didn’t walk away with all four of those tank tops but I did get the bottom two gray ones (one for workouts + one for workouts/general wear) and the dress below. When I put this dress on, I just felt absolutely fantastic. I sent the photo to a few friends who agreed that it looked fantastic and after posting it on Instagram, it’s a good thing I bought it because the general consensus was that this dress was basically made for me. 😉

And if you didn’t get that I’m loving Crossfit after my post on the 4 Ways I Modify CrossFit for me post, you would after this purchase!

I was so excited when my new Nanos came Friday afternoon but was also a bit thankful they decided to wait until about 5pm to show up. I told myself if they came with enough time to make the 4:30pm class on Friday, I would break my rest day and give them a test drive. Since they showed up a little later, I stayed with my promise to give my body the rest it deserved.


And let’s get real, REST is another way to treat ourselves!


How did you treat yourself this week?

9 thoughts on “How I’ve Been Treating Myself Lately

  1. Julie

    Are those Old Navy? The bottom right gray tank is fun – I think Ari (from was wearing that at Blend.

  2. Taryn

    Ooh, I love how bright those shoes are! And the dress is really pretty – love finding a dress I just feel awesome in!

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