How to Deal With the Winter Blues

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how to Winter Blues

I’ve said this numerous times, but when living in LA, I really missed the seasons. Yes, I understand that I can drive to the mountains if I want snow, but I need the season changes – fall, winter, spring and summer. I swear that by not having them, I lost track of time and honestly, I feel like I went through a different kind of seasonal affective disorder, the one that comes by not having them.


When I moved back to Illinois in 2012, I embraced every bitter cold, snowy and cloudy day. I was just so grateful to have winter back in my life. I knew the rainy spring days would soon be here, followed by the hot summer sun and then my ever-so-favorite gorgeous fall. The snow and cold weather didn’t get to me.


I’ve done my best to maintain that mentality this week but I realized on Thursday as I was in a major funk that I couldn’t quite figure out, I’m facing a bit of the winter blues. We’re in a record breaking winter. Snow storms keep coming before we’ve had a chance for the last to melt away and even when we’re not considered in a Polar Vortex, temps have hardly reached 20 degrees. It’s no wonder that we’re all facing a bit of the winter blues, myself included. With that, I thought it’d be good to check-in with some tips for how to deal with the winter woes.

Winter Blues1. Exercise – While it becomes a lot harder to get in that run around the neighborhood, get to the gym to run on the treadmill or get in some exercise at home. That endorphin rush will do wonders.

2. Good Nutrition/Sleep – This is important all the time, but if you’re eating crap and not getting a good nights sleep, you’re going to feel like crap. The cold and cloudy weather will do nothing but make this worse, so eat well and sleep at night.

3. Bundle Up! – This might sound obvious, but dress warm! Whether you’re hanging out at home or getting ready to go outside. If you’re always cold, you’re not going to be happy, so wear extra layers, a scarf & hat, and sit under a blanket at home.

4. Go for a walk – Getting outside will do wonders! If the weather is super cold, you really need to limit the time you’re outside, but if you can get out for even a few minutes, this will have huge rewards. Don’t forget to bundle up (#3)!

5. Sun Exposure/Vitamin D – It’s not uncommon for cloudy days to come with the winter weather, but enjoy the sunlight that does come. If that means getting out for your walk or sitting by the window while you work or read a book, enjoy the sunlight that does come out. Also consider taking a Vitamin D supplement (or increasing your intake) on those days when the sun is hiding. (Please note I am not a doctor so consult with your physician for a recommended dose of Vitamin D.)

6. Embrace the Season – I understand this can be hard sometimes, but having a positive attitude is HUGE!

7. Plan a Trip – I know this isn’t feasible for everyone (hello, not feasible for me!) but if you can, do it! If that means getting away somewhere warm now or planning a trip for a few months down the road that you can look forward to, then do it.

8. Hang Out with Friends / Get Out of the House – It’s so easy to hibernate inside our houses and go without seeing our friends, but get out of the house and spend some social time with friends/family. I promise you’ll get a little boost and be happy you did.

9. Wear bright colors / bring bright colors into your home – Whether this be flowers, throw pillows, or the colors you’re wearing, surround yourself with bright colors that remind you that spring IS coming!


How do you deal with the winter time blues?

9 thoughts on “How to Deal With the Winter Blues

  1. JenB

    Great suggestions! Last winter was NOT good, I was in a funk as it started, and then the cold, dreary days didn’t help at all. I put on 20 pounds last winter πŸ™ This year is much better, just feeling more in control. Exercise really does help … I sure miss my sunshine when it isn’t around. I have a “sunshine” pinterest board that I sometimes have to visit when the real thing isn’t around.

  2. Megan @ The Skinny-Life

    Everyone gets into a funk! I live in Arizona and it’s sunny 99% of the time. We don’t have real winters & I still find myself getting the winter blues. It always happens around January. I find working out & staying active helps. You have a great list of advice in this post!

    1. Katie Post author

      When I was living in LA, I definitely got the winter blues but I think it was more from NOT having enough weather/season changes and no winter.

  3. Traci

    Exercise and vitamin D supplements. Those two things do wonders for me. I definitely live in a place with seasons…with another snow storm coming in today!

  4. Meg @ A Dash of Meg

    all great suggestions sweetie pie! i love this post so much. i think over the weekend i was in a really big funk. it was too cold to go out anywhere, but yesterday the sun was shining, so i headed outside for a quick 20 minute walk down the block and back and i felt like a new person!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, girl! I wrote this post over the weekend and scheduled it for today…good timing after yesterday’s crabby day – I think I need to go back and read my own advice again. πŸ˜‰

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