How to Get Over Being Sick Faster

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Now that fall has arrived, the season of colds/flus/just not feeling 100% are coming so I thought it would be a good idea to bring it out from archives to remind us all.


Obviously, I’m not a doctor. Nor am I really in any position to give you medical advice. I work in the music industry and I discover and work with bands. They aren’t one and the same. But….BUT…I’ve been sick twice this season and while that still doesn’t make me any kind of expert, this is less about “do as I say” and more about “this is what worked for me.” Make sense?


I should also clarify, I’m not one for the doctor. At least not those MD types (sorry, Dr Cuz!) but I do see my chiropractor on a regular basis, including when I’m sick. Actually I see them more when I’m sick and I consult with them about what I’m doing/what’s working/what’s not working/what to try next. You should see a doctor – whether you choose for that to be your MD or a wellness-based chiropractor is up to you, but make sure it’s a doctor who you trust and aligns with your vision of health.


With all the business out of the way, let’s move on to my tips….

how to-no sick

1. Allow yourself to be sick – I understand this sounds weird, but by choosing not to take medication when possible, I’m allowing my body to do what it’s supposed. Spike a fever? Great, it’s trying to help flush out those toxins!

2. REST! & sleep! – PLEASE! 

3. Fluids – We hear this all the time so LISTEN. I’m all about lots of water and tea but this time around I also tried Coconut Water and I swear this helped me so much!

4. Supplements – I take Viracid, Vitamin C, and increase my Vitamin D to 50,000 while I’m sick.

5. Chiropractic adjustments – boosts the immune system and helps support drainage. 

6. Listen to your body – not hungry? Don’t eat! When you’re hungry – Eat. (I’ll take Papa Arnold’s homemade tomato soup any day!)


While I know what works for me and my body when I’m not feeling well, it’s also important to mention that we are all different and what works for me may not work for you…that’s what leads us back to my notes above. Talk to your doctor. 😉


What are your tips to get over being sick faster?

10 thoughts on “How to Get Over Being Sick Faster

  1. Shelly

    It’s definitely that time of year where everyone and their mom is sick. My kids and I just got over being sick, no fun! Great advice, thanks.

  2. Annmarie

    As a person who is currently sick I am going to heed your advice! Especially the chiro adjustment- my hubby happens to be one and I can attest to it helping for sure 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Oh no, feel better!!! And you lucky lady to have a chiro so easily accessible! I swear the man I marry needs to be a chiro… 😉

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