How to know when something isn’t working

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We often have these grand ideas of what we think (and want) life, our relationships, and our health to look like. Sure, I am a huge believer that we all deserve to live healthy, happy and dream-like lives, and part of this whole thing we call life is about finding how that looks for us specifically.

We hear people talk about what has worked for them, maybe in their health and fitness, maybe for their career or growing their blog. Especially if we are trying to achieve a similar result, we think that must be *the* way to do it. We may drop everything and start doing what they’re doing and I hate to say it, but if that person is trying to sell us something, suddenly, they start making us feel like it’s the ONLY way to get what we want.

Maybe we try it for a little while and see some results, though often not nearly to the extent we believed was possible. There is no magical pill for any aspect of life and while we know this to be true, we always hope the easy solution will present itself, so when things don’t play out how we hope, we get bummed and disappointed.

This is when we need to learn to change course. Think about our past, what has worked for us personally and what has not. Looking back, when did we feel our best, most successful, most abundant, etc? How did we do things then and what aspects can we bring back to our current state?

Lately, I’ve been playing around with some things in my life and realizing that some things I’ve been trying for a bit just aren’t really working. It’s possible there are several different factors playing in, but over the last few weeks I have really come to realize that something isn’t right and it’s time to do something about it. I’m not quite ready to go into the details here just yet, but I do want to bring light to this conversation. Is something not working in your life and are you able to recognize the signs?

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1. You’re feeling frustrated

2. You find yourself going through the motions

3. You’re unmotivated in specific areas of your life (health, job, fitness, etc)

4. Things get better temporarily but you quickly find yourself back to this place

5. Your gut keeps telling you ‘this isn’t working’

Depending on the person, these signs could be more subtle or severe; we are all so unique, but the point is that if something isn’t working, then we need to take the steps to recognize it and make a change!

Is there something in your life that isn’t working?

What other signs do you see when you need to make a change?