How to prepare for winter

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Fall is in full swing in Michigan. This past weekend the foliage was definitely at it’s peak and driving around was absolutely beautiful and kept taking my breath away.

With that said, there’s no denying that winter is right around the corner. I’m not rushing it (fall is my favorite season after all), but seeing as parts of northernMichigan are expecting the potential for snow this weekend (and I know Colorado has seen it!), I’m starting to plan ahead and make sure that I’m prepared and won’t be left out in the cold.

If you want to get ahead and make sure you’re ready, here are a few ways to get started:

Get out your winter essentials

For me this means making sure my winter coat is in the front closet, my snow boots still fit and aren’t falling apart, and gloves/scarves/ear warmers are in a basket by the door for easy grab and go on a chilly morning. This also means, making sure I’ve transitioned my clothes so the sweaters and long sleeve shirts are handy.

Swap out your bedding

In general, they say we sleep better at night when the space is cool, but that doesn’t mean we should FREEZE. I always throw an extra blanket on my bed during the cooler months. While we’re still in this transition though, I just keep that extra blanket at the foot of the bed so I can just throw it over me if it’s an extra cold night or keep it off if a warm front comes through.

Get your home ready

I’m lucky that I live in an apartment complex and any of that major stuff like cleaning gutters is handled by the maintenance crew, but there’s still a few things that I can do. Within the next few weeks my patio furniture will transition into the outdoor closet to be protected from the impending weather. I will also test my heater and let the maintenance team know if anything seems fishy before we get our first freezing night!

Make sure the car is prepared

My dear Jetta hit 100,000 miles just a few days ago (she grew up so fast!) and so she’ll be getting some general maintenance done in the next few weeks, but it’s important to remember that our cars need care with the temperature change as well. Truthfully, I’m not someone who knows their way around all of the car lingo and it’s easy for me to get confused or worried when a new light pops up or when a mechanic tells me X, Y, or Z needs to be replaced. I’m not going to try that stuff myself (at least not at this point in my life), but I love knowing that is a resource for me to better understand my car! Not to mention, for anyone on the market to buy or sell their car, it’s also great for that! I love my car and hope to see if last many, many more miles so there’s no doubt is my resource.

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How are you preparing for the winter months ahead?