How to Travel Healthy

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Having gone on two trips this month may make it hard to believe but I don’t travel very often, aside from going home and the occasional trip for a big show or event.  But I have to say, I do consider myself someone who knows how to travel.
I’m the girl you want to be behind in the security line because I’m ready and through about as quick as I possibly can.  With my trip to the east coast, I was making friends with the TSA agents because I was ready and waiting on others.
I know how to save money on expensive food and beverages at the airport while staying within TSA guidelines.
I know how to eat healthy and be prepared when hunger strikes so that I’m stuck in a moment of starvation with only candy bars and fried food options in front of me.
I’m not perfect and still like to enjoy local foods and save some room in my suitcase and backpack.  But after traveling so much this month, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my tips on how to travel healthy:
-Pack a lunch/dinner (that can go through security)
I brought a Tempeh spinach sandwich + a cut up peach and then I bought a soy latte once I made it through security

-Pack plenty of healthy snacks like power bars, trail mix and fruit
Pretty sure I packed this x5!

-Starbucks Via Ready Brew + powder creamer (all you have to do is ask for a cup of hot water)

Saving money AND it comes in handy to avoid nasty hotel room coffee!

-Bring an empty reusable water bottle (fill it up at the drinking fountain once you get through security)

-Bring along packets of oatmeal + peanut butter (the easiest way to make breakfast on-the-go)

I bought a whole grain bagel + banana and with my packet of peanut butter, I got a little protein and didn’t have to eat a bagel with no topping (remember: no butter or cream cheese for me!)