How To Win The CrossFit OPEN: Looking Back

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This was my first year competing in the CrossFit Open.


Honestly, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Obviously, I had my reasons for signing up for the Open but at the same time, I wasn’t going to be competing at my home box. I was going to be walking into a new gym every single time and looking for their community to welcome me with open arms and cheer me on through some tough workouts.

It’s the CrossFit community that I’ve come to know and love, that I’ve seen be welcoming over and over again, but as far as I was concerned, this was going to put them to the true test.

I completed…


15.1 in San Antonio, TX as CrossFIt 925.

15.2 in Durant, OK at Choctaw CrossFit

15.3 in Albuquerque, NM at CrossFit Petroglyph

15.4 in Kingman, AZ at CrossFit Kingman

15.5 in West Jordan, UT at CrossFit Extraordinaire

Every WOD came with it’s own strengths and struggles. It pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me dig deep to become a better athlete (physically and mentally).


But ultimately, what I learned on my first year competing in the CrossFit Open is big…I learned how to WIN the CrossFit Open.

I guess I should start by clarifying my definition of WIN…I don’t mean finish at the top of the Leaderboard; I don’t mean making it to regionals or ultimately to the Games; I don’t even mean completing any or all of the WODs RX.


I mean WIN in the sense that you are happy with how you did; that you gave it your all; that you know you got in some amazing workouts; that you cheered on others when it was their turn; that you didn’t forget this is about the sport, the community and the challenge that we know as CrossFit and that we’ve all come to love.

And guess what? Doing all those things is exactly how you win.


I may never see my name at the top of the Leaderboard and I may still be working on my pull-ups and consistent double unders, but I’m going to take each day, each WOD and keep getting better. I’m going to cheer myself on and cheer on my fellow athletes.

And just like that, if we all do that, then we’ll ALL WIN the Open.