How Was Your Weekend?

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Wow, this weekend flew by! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way but even though I tacked an extra day onto my weekend, it still flew by so fast.

With my parents in town on Friday, we did some packing and made our way to the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum. Maybe it’s because I’m still feeling the effects of the election but I was really impacted by the museum and many of the thoughts, processes and quotes of Ford. He was pulled into the office during a very troubling time in our country and was extremely humble with his leadership skills. This quote in particular really hit me that I just had to snap a quick picture.

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We spent the rest of the day packing up odds and ends in my old place so we’d be ready for Saturday. Despite a hiccup in the morning job for our movers making them 3 hours later than planned, we got everything moved in mostly stress free. Our movers busted their tails to get everything done, which I really appreciated so the rest of my evening was cleaning and unpacking boxes.

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I texted a friend shortly after 9pm and said “true or false…I’m finished unpacking?” They said “False,” I said incorrect. I almost still can’t believe that I got everything unpacked and into place and got myself in bed before 10pm. I still had artwork to hang not he walls, the old apartment to clean, and grocery shopping to do Sunday, but with the help of my parents we got it all done so I could plop my butt on the couch for a couple hours before calling an early bed time.

I know this week will be a little weird as I find a new schedule and routine, finish getting everything handed over for the old apartment and get myself into a new norm, but I’m hopeful to transition relatively quickly. I really like my new apartment and neighborhood and as my parents said when they saw the place, “you’re moving up in the world, Katie.” Ha! I’ll take it!

Before we part ways for the day and carry on with our week, I want to make sure everyone saw this performance from SNL. Aside from a rough election week, we lost an amazing musical talent, and this was a great way to reflect on all of that.

How was your weekend?

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20 thoughts on “How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Sheryl

    I am beyond impressed that you had everything unpacked by 10:00 PM!! You go girl! It does take time to develop a new schedule but I also think we all need to update our schedules sometimes. I saw the quote on your Instagram account earlier and can’t believe how relevant it is.
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  2. girl stuff

    My parents are visiting this weekend, this will be the first time they see our new apartment. So we spent the entire weekend cleaning and decluttering! Still more to go next weekend, but we got most of the hardest stuff done.

  3. Nicole

    It looks like you had such a busy weekend! But a productive one 🙂 I also moved last summer and my movers showed up two hours late as well… put a kink in our plans! But I’m glad it worked out anyways 🙂

    We had friends in town this weekend so it was a fun weekend showing them around San Diego!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Nicole

  4. Charlotte

    I didn’t realize you were moving this weekend but sounds like all went well (I’m incredibly impressed that you got settled so quickly!). Awww, I remember my dad saying something like that to me once too when I moved into a new, more spacious apartment 🙂 Parents are the cutest–glad yours were there to help.

    I just saw the opener of SNL on the news <3 Beautiful and so touching.
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  5. Shelly

    I took the election results very hard. Much, much harder than I expected, and I DID suspect that it’d end the way it did—and I STILL wasn’t prepared for the way I’d feel.

    Anyway, the quote by Gerald Ford is extremely timely. Despite my anger, I’m trying to direct it in a positive way! I do not want to contribute to the ugliness that seems to be permeating our country right now.

    Have a great week, Katie!
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