I Am Forever Thankful

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I had one topic for a post today and just kept putting off writing it day after day. It’s not that the topic isn’t important (it is!) but the right words haven’t been attached to the idea yet.

I had driven home for a few days this past weekend and got back to my apartment yesterday afternoon and as I was getting ready to head back out for an appointment, I had this sudden rush of gratitude. It’s been a little over year since the conclusion of 50 States In A Year and while I’m still dealing with many of the repercussions of it, I’m feeling so much more optimistic around it all.

I sat down to write a short little “thank you” to post on my personal Facebook page and it turned into something much longer than I expected but the overwhelming response continued to show the support that I have around me every single day, so instead of trying to right something new, I want to share this with you all because it extends beyond just those I’m Facebook friends with…


One year ago, I had to swallow my pride and announce the premature ending of my 50 States In A Year project…A lot has happened in that year, during the 10 months on the road, and the months of planning leading up to it all.

Maybe I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, or maybe I’m looking ahead and remaining hopeful that I will soon be able to close the final puzzle piece holding me down from moving past a lot of it…but regardless of what it is, I want to take this moment to thank *every single person* who has supported me through it all – the before, the during, and (especially) the after.

I haven’t gone into details publicly with what happened and I have no plan to (right now), but let’s just say that it has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life that I know I will look back on and be proud to see how I rose from the ashes.

I am forever in your debt so once again, to every single person who has supported me through this, I am so very grateful for your friendship.

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That’s all I have today. Go say “thank you” to someone who you don’t think you say it to enough.

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18 thoughts on “I Am Forever Thankful

  1. Charlotte

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post. It’s not always easy to feel gratitude in life’s difficult moments, but to seek out the important lessons… well, it’s testimony of the kind of person you are 🙂 Excited for all that lies ahead for you, sweet one.

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  2. Kiara Catanzaro

    LOVE this post! Expressing gratitude is such a huge things I think we need to do more often! This is my little reminder to be extra thankful today!

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