I Flushed

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Did I catch your attention?  😉
I wish I could say I was filling you with good news, but sadly I’m not.  My poor little fish passed away yesterday afternoon.  I cleaned his bowl and while I didn’t do anything different than normal, I’m wondering if something wasn’t up to his needs that affected him yesterday more than any other day.
While you generally don’t think of fish as having personalities, mine did.  At least when it came to post-bowl cleaning.  After being returned to the bowl, he’d move the marbles around until they were just the way he wanted them.  No joke.  He passed while taking on this task.  I was worried because he was lingering more than usual but his little fins were still moving and when I tapped on the glass, he’d swim around a bit and go back to moving pebbles.  Then…there was no more moving fins…
I gave him time to come around.  But moving the bowl would just move his body and land him back at the bottom, head first in between two marbles.  It’s not true what they say about fish floating to the top of the bowl when they die.  They can also sink to the bottom.  And they do become “pale” and begin to decompose rather quickly.  I don’t know if he was decomposing but when I went to discard of his this evening (I was afraid last night and no time this morning), he was covered in floaty white stuff.
I flushed him.  It made me sad.  And now I feel lonely.  Did you know that a tiny little blue fish that you only saw when you went to feed him or clean his bowl could have such an impact?  Well, he can.  …or maybe this is a clear sign that I really need to get myself a roommate.
Right after I got him for Christmas from my friend Dan

Happy amongst the marbles

I think I need to go to the pet store. 🙂