I Have Arrived!

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It’s true! After a potential plane re-routing mid flight (thank God that didn’t happen), 5 mins to get from my first flight to my second flight (due to not having a gate for my plane upon landing), the AirTran being closed when my plane landed and figuring out how to get to the subway difficult (it opened back up 10 mins after I walked around aimlessly), a long subway ride to the train station, a fight for food and water before I passed out, a qweezy tum, a nap on the Amtrack to Philly (woke up right before my stop), a $10 taxi ride to the hotel, a little trouble checking in…BUT I

My hotel roommates haven’t arrived yet and even though I got an email saying my name was added to the room, the hotel didnt actually do it and left the room with 1 bed. The manager was the one helping me and she must have seen the exhaustion in my eyes because she worked it out and checked me in. A little nap and relaxing, a power bar and soon to be a shower and I’ll (hopefully be good as new)! I’m still not feeling great though…my body works on a schedule and going off that schedule never turns out well. Plus veering from my usual foods is hard too.

Internet access sucks so far so it’s looking like I’ll be continuing to blog from my phone. The room has Internet but you need an Ethernet cable which 1-I didn’t bring and 2-my MacBook air doesn’t take an Ethernet cable without an adapter and I don’t have that either. #fail

Send me positive vibes! I’m nervous, anxious, excited and did I mention nervous?!

1 thought on “I Have Arrived!

  1. Dad

    Enjoy the Healthy Living Summit and I hope your return arrangements go smoother than your first ones. Blog or tweet about it when you can. Have fun.

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