I Should Be Sleeping

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For the girl who is starting work at midnight, I should really be sleeping right now…Come about 4/4:30 ish I tried to sleep and went in and out for a couple hours.  That’s when I decided to wake up, have a green smoothie and allow myself to fall asleep watching a movie.  
That didn’t happen.
Blog reading is rather distracting.  Facebook is rather distracting.  As was the Orientation for the online system for my class this summer (more about that later).  And then deciding to actually blog is rather distracting.
But now it’s after 8, I’m feeling sleepy and knowing the alarms I set for 10 and 11 PM are going to come way too soon.  The only reason for the 11PM alarm is a “just in case” I over sleep and it’s my warning I have to be at work in an hour and I need to be ready and showered for the long day that awaits me.
And for those of you a little worried, have no fear.  There is this wonderful technology that allows you to set a delay brew time on your coffee pot.  Mine will begin brewing at 10PM.  One cup is planned for while I get ready, the other is planned to come with me.  (My pot only makes 2 mug-fulls, so there are only 2 cups to be had….at least until Starbucks opens in the morning). 

I’m going to try that whole sleep thing again.  I’m going to be tired.  Boy I hope we’re doing something cool! 😉

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