I wish a title could be the sounds in my ears

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Yes I’m aware this sounds weird, but my brain is so focused on the music I’m listening to, I can’t seem to determine a title.  There’s no words, only melodies, harmonies, instruments, sounds – beauty…this will make sense as you read on…maybe. 🙂


Today was quite the productive (yet mildly overwhelming) day.  I was hoping to start my day with the gym but when my alarm went off, I decided I didn’t want to move.  I’m finding getting back into my early morning gym habit more difficult than I expected, but I’m working on it because I really do love it (and prefer it to the evenings).  Work was a bit of an overwhelming task today, for numerous reasons that I don’t really need to get into here, but I survived and left feeling good so that’s what counts, right? 🙂
After work (and stupid traffic), I immediately headed over to the new apartment to drop off a rather large check, sign the lease and pick up my set of keys!  After we went over everything, I decided to stay a bit longer and measure out the space.  Yes, I’m planning on mapping out my new apartment like I did my current one.  Thankfully, it won’t require quite the same mastery with furniture and use of space, but it will definitely give me a sense of where things should go while I’m slowly moving in and setting up.  I’m very excited about this process!
After I got home, I made some dinner and started looking into flights home for August and to my surprise, I found a rather decently priced flight.  I immediately called my travel agents (aka my ‘rents) for their sign off and BOOKED! 
The rest of my evening has been spent watching The Bachelorette (and yet again this series has hooked me in), mapping out my new apartment and now I’m listening to the new Bon Iver album (released today!).
Tomorrow is a well-deserved day off to be filled with fun, fitness, food and hopefully friends!  And maybe even the start of some packing?
OH! And we’re in the home stretch to the start of my Anatomy class – which is MONDAY!